Phil Collins to Perform in Prague Next June

Phil Collins has announced a string of live dates for his Not Dead Yet tour for Australia and New Zealand for January and February and he’ll return to Europe in the summer.

Collins world tour kicked off at Liverpool’s Echo Arena back in June 2017 also saw him headline one of the British Summer Time concerts in London’s Hyde Park. He’s also recently released the four-disc collection Plays Well With Others, which features his collaborations with other artists over the years, including Pewter Gabriel, George Harrison, Rober Fripp, Biran Eno, Robert Plant and Al Di Meola.

Starting out as a drummer-turned-reluctant-frontman in the 1970s, Phil Collins took Genesis from beloved rock group to one of the biggest bands in the world. He made his smashing global solo debut with 1981’s Face Value and the album’s hit single In The Air Tonight, both of which topped the charts around the world and went multi-platinum in Australia. He followed this with multiple chart-topping hits and 7 Top 10 Australian singles including You Can’t Hurry Love, Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now), One More Night, A Groovy Kind Of Love.

With over 280 million records sold, in a career spanning almost 50 years as a solo artist and a member of Genesis; 7 Grammy Awards® and an Oscar®, among other numerous accolades; more UK Top 40 singles than any other artist of the 1980s and 29 x Platinum sales over 7 certified albums and 7 Top 10 Singles in New Zealand, Phil Collins is a generational icon and cultural legend whose work continues to influence and inspire fans, critics and fellow artists such as Adele, Lorde, Pharrell, and Beyoncé.

Phil Collins 2019 tour in Europe

  • Jun 02: Ernst Happel Stadium, Austria 
  • Jun 04: Lyon Groupama Stadium, France 
  • Jun 05: Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Arena, Germany 
  • Jun 07: Berlin Olympiastdion, Germany 
  • Jun 08: Aarhus Ceres Park, Denmark 
  • Jun 10: Bergen Bergenus Fortress Koengenbergen, Norway
  • Jun 12: Stockholm TBC, Sweden 
  • Jun 14: Hannover HDI Arena, Germany 
  • Jun 17: Milan Mediolanum Forum, Italy 
  • Jun 18: Zurich Stadion Letzigrund, Switzerland 
  • Jun 20: Nijmgen Goffertpark, Netherlands 
  • Jun 21: Cologne Rheinengierstadion, Germany 
  • Jun 24: Munich Olympiastadion, Germany 
  • Jun 25: Prague O2 Arena, Czech Republic 
  • Jun 26: Warsaw PGE Naradowy, Poland 

Tickets here

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