Pharmacies Are Starting to Install Protective Plexiglass

In order to protect their employees, pharmacies in the Czech Republic are starting to install protective plexiglass between clients and staff.

Dr.Max’s pharmacy network began installing plexiglass barriers last Friday installing at the pharmacy in Na Poříčí in Prague.

“Because of the lack of protective respirators, Dr.Max pharmacies were the first in the Czech Republic to use this solution. The prototype was tested on Friday, its production started over the weekend and from today we will begin installing it in all our pharmacies,” said spokesperson Michal Petrov.

Benu’s pharmacies are also introducing new measures. “Our pharmacies are now gradually installing protective plexiglass that will separate pharmacists and patients. Opening times of individual pharmacies may change depending on the situation,” the company said.

Pilulka has equipped all pharmacies with top-class FFP3 respirators but warns that their number is still insufficient. “All pharmacists are equipped with hygienic tools, we started to gradually build protective glasses to separate patients and pharmacists,” said the spokesperson Kateřina Schotliová.

Magistra pharmacies allow clients to book medicines online. “We also sent patients an information letter on how to behave responsibly in pharmacies to protect their health and pharmacists,” said marketing director Zuzana Mocova.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic reached 383 on Tuesday morning, an increase of 39 cases overnight.

Three patients are in “very serious to critical condition” according to the Health Ministry. Half of the positive patients were infected abroad, the others in the Czech Republic.

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