Petr Kellner Remains Richest Czech

The richest Czech remains the owner of PPF investment group, Petr Kellner, with an estimated property worth 350 billion crowns.

Prime Minister and ANO CEO, Andrej Babiš, fell from second to fourth, his assets decreased by five billion crowns compared to last year. Babiš shifted his position with real estate investor, Radovan Vítek, who increased on 15 billion, bringing him to the second place.

The third is the owner of KKCG, Karel Komárek, who controls Sazka. The ranking was published today on Forbes website. The total assets of entrepreneurs who have worked their way up to the 100th ranking sum 1.2 trillion crowns.

The stakeholder Zdeněk Bakala dropped out of the top ten and was replaced by financier Jiří Šmejc, who is a minority shareholder of Home Credit installment and assets on the Croatian SuperSport. This year’s Forbes rankings have increased by 20 new names. A significant part of them are businessmen who started from scratch and at the beginning of their assets stood modern technology.

Among them Martin Hájek, the chief and owner of Livesport, which provides the fastest sports results worldwide. Forbes estimated his assets at 8.5 billion crowns and ranked him 24th.

Oliver Dlouhý, the founder of, a ticket search website with assets of CZK 1.5 billion, also entered the ranking for the first time, as well as the founder of the Czech web hosting and CDN service Zdeněk Cendra (CZK 1.8 billion) or founder of the ePojištění.cz, Jan Barta (CZK 1.5 billion).

According to Forbes, Babiš’s equity is predominantly based on the Agrofert holding, and he has been falling in the ranking for the second year due to increasingly poor business results, especially chemical plants producing industrial fertilizers. “Agrofert is in two trust funds, but Andrej Babiš remains a recipient of the benefits resulting from them, which is why we still rank him in the ranking,” Forbes said.

According to Forbes, the richest woman in the Czech Republic is Jitka Cechlová Komárková, who, with a property worth CZK 4.8 billion, took the 50th place. Most of her assets were acquired in the past when dividing the KKCG holding of the Komárek family. The second richest Czech woman is the founder of SIKO, Jaroslava Valová, with three billion and in 75th place, and co-owner of the transport company ICOM, Kateřina Kratochvílová, in the 76th place.

Ranking of the richest Czechs by Forbes magazine (TOP 10):

  Name Billions of CZK (2018) Billions of CZK (2019)
1. Petr Kellner 350 310
2. Radovan Vítek 75 60
3. Karel Komárek 71 67
4. Andrej Babiš 70 75
5. Daniel Křetínský 66 59
6. Pavel Baudiš 38 27
7. Pavel Tykač 32 31
8. Marek Dospiva 23 22
9. Eduard Kučera 22,5 19
10. Jiří Šmejc 20 17



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