Czech Billionaire Jumps Queue to Get COVID-19 Vaccination by Posing as Health Worker

56-year-old Billionaire and Czech politician, Pavel Sehnal has reportedly been vaccinated at Na Bulovce Hospital after posing as a paramedic, according to Jan Kvaček, director of The Na Bulovce Hospital.

The 56-year-old property tycoon owns a private dental clinic at Na Bulovce hospital, Prague 8-Liben.

“I am the owner of Bulovka Dental Clinic, and I have dentists there who I am in regular contact with. I was simply invited by my colleagues to participate in the vaccination,” explained Sehnal in an interview.

“He was vaccinated despite my ban”, replied Jan Kvaček, CEO of Na Bulovce Hospital. “Mr. Sehnal repeatedly asked if he could be vaccinated, and I repeatedly refused. I explicitly told him he couldn’t get vaccinated because he’s not a paramedic.”

According to him, Sehnal got the vaccine by getting confirmation from his clinic that he was a paramedic.

Sehnal responded and defended himself, “I am not a doctor, but since the 1st of March, vaccinations also include medical staff, including receptionists and the director, at least that is what I have been informed of by my medical staff.”

In contrast, according to the information provided on the website of the facility, the director of the Bulovka Dental Clinic is Ivan Oliva, and not Pavel Sehnal.

Sehnal is the owner of the Exhibition Grounds in Letňany, which the state leased for an emergency field hospital for up to 500 covid-19 patients from last October to early February 2021. 

The military field hospital was never put into operation due to staff shortages.

Sehnal offered the premises of the unused Exhibition Grounds again last week (and this time for free), but the Ministry of Health rejected his offer.

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