February 11, 2020: Open Day at the English College

The Open Day on February 11th, 2020 at the English College in Prague is a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the atmosphere at the school.

The English College in Prague also called Anglické gymnázium, is for pupils between 13 to 19 and follows the UK educational system and is also registered in the Czech school system, following Czech framework of education and offers Czech school-leaving exam.

Prospective students can participate in demonstration lessons while their parents have an opportunity to meet the Headmaster, Dr. Nigel Brown, teachers and the Admissions Registrar, Ms. Barbora Němečková, who coordinates the admissions procedure and can offer detailed information about the entrance exams.

Open Day Programme:

  • 1.00 pm  Start of Open Day
  • 1.00 pm to 2.15 pm Tour of the school for visitors guided by ECP students
  • 2.25 pm to 3.10 pm Panel discussion for parents with Headmaster and staff
  • 2.25 pm to 3.10 pm Demonstration lessons for prospective students
  • 3.10 pm to 4.30 pm Open School – Activities of individual departments presented by students – please see the Activities programme sheet

The English College is a six-year bilingual Gymnasium, in the Czech Register of Schools –  all the students in Years 1-4 follow an authorised Czech curriculum that allows them to qualify for the Maturita if they so wish. In Years 3-4 this takes the form of a unique pre-IB curriculum, designed to nurture the skills and knowledge required to succeed at the IB Diploma. As part of this they will study for an IGCSE in Mathematics, a formal English qualification, and also an internationally-recognised language certificate.

The English College Foundation is a UK registered charity, established in 1992 by the ECP’s first Chairman of Governors, the late Lord Holme, and the current Chairman, Ann Lewis who, together with others, led the long and sometimes challenging task of opening the English College in September 1994, with Hubert Ward as its first Headmaster.

The foundation resulted from a conversation between President Vaclav Havel and then British Ambassador. President Havel noted that there used to be an English grammar school in Prague which was highly regarded, both before 1939 and then again from 1945 until the early 50s. He hoped that it would be possible for this tradition to be revived.

The college, therefore, was set up to offer an education for Czech students and other Prague residents to provide a British-style, internationally-minded education, based around the International Baccalaureate Diploma qualification.

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