New Year’s Eve: What is Forbidden

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, there will be a nationwide ban on gatherings. Setting off fireworks will not be banned but authorities are asking that people refrain from doing so.

Mass events

On New Year’s Eve, families, and friends traditionally gather to celebrate the end of the year. But this will not be possible this year, because only two people who are not from the same family can gather.

Alcohol consumption

There will be a ban on alcohol consumption in public places. In the last weeks, there had been concerns about people gathering to drink at Svařák (mulled wine) stands which have popped up across Prague.

Restrictions on curfew

The nighttime curfew from 9 pm to 5 am has been reinstated. All movement is banned with the exception of travel to and from work, conducting business activities, or urgent travel.


Food businesses can sell through the dispensing window until 9 pm. Since alcohol is not allowed in public, you can’t for example have a beer by the window.


All shops are closed, with some exceptions including grocery stores, drug stores, pharmacies etc. Grocery stores can only sell essential goods like food; it won’t be possible to buy clothes, electronics etc.

There is a limitation of the number of persons (1 person per 15 m 2 operating area), 2 m distance between customers. Organizational and hygienic measures are in place as well as queue management inside and outside.


It is not yet clear how the police will deal with possible violations on New Year’s Eve. “Everything will be clear only after the meeting on December 30,” said police spokesman Jan Daněk.


The Czech Republic reported 10,811 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday. In total, 685,202 cases have been detected since the pandemic started.

There are 97,401 active cases currently, the highest since early November. The number of hospitalized patients is at 5,395, the highest since November 24. Deaths have climbed to 11,302

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