Petřiny Looks Forward to Brand-New Square

A new square with a residential district and a supermarket will be built in Petřiny

However, the locals do not like the proposal very much, they are bothered by too many concrete areas and especially the fact that there was no participation.

The central square has been missing from Petřiny for many decades. The square has already been planned since the 1970’s, but it was never built. 

“The current form of the Central Square of Petřiny was discussed and accepted by the city district of Prague 6. Together with the investor, we managed to find compromises since the beginning of the election period, especially regarding the reduction of buildings and create enough parking spaces, which are missing in the place,” said the Deputy Mayor of Prague 6 Jakub Stárek.

“I consider it necessary to maintain a grocery store and enough commercial and non-residential premises so that the center of Petřin lives. I consider the greatest benefit of the design to be the construction of the square, which was intended here during the original construction of the housing estate in the 1950s, and it never took place. Petřiny is a great place to live and the new complex with a central square opens up the possibility of further improvement”. 

The developer, together with Prague 6, announced an urban and architectural competition for the new design of the square, which was won by the design of architect Josef Hlavatý. 

However, the locals are not very happy with the proposal. “It might be worthwhile to involve people in a local referendum. I think it worked great during the reconstruction of the town hall in Prague 7,” says a local politician. 

The newly designed square should naturally follow the project of a multifunctional house with apartments, a supermarket and other services that will use the two full floors of the building.

The investor will now process the winning proposal into the documentation for the zoning procedure, which is expected to start this spring.

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