New Scanners at Prague Airport to Screen Bags Without Removing Electronic Devices

Beginning next year, the X-ray equipment used for security checks at Prague Airport will be gradually replaced.

According to airport spokesman Klára Divková’s, the new equipment will allow travelers to leave their electronic gadgets inside their bags.

The upgrade will also remove the current limitations on the number of liquids that travelers can bring with them.

The change will affect only Terminal 2, which handles flights to Schengen countries. The airport’s administration anticipates that the improvements will be finished by 2026.

As a result, passengers may expect a more comfortable and seamless experience when going through security procedures.

The new X-ray machines will use computer tomography technology, which allow all liquids and electronic gadgets to stay inside the bags.

Passengers will no longer be required to report liquids or be limited to the 100 cc restriction that has been in effect since 2006.

Establishment of such scanners is also supposed to help in speeding up the security check-in procedure at airports, the report adds.

Milan Linate Airport was the first in Europe to adopt the smart screening systems and will soon be followed by several other European airports in the coming year.

The UK is moving forward with plans to implement the CT scanners across British airports and has set a Summer 2024 deadline for what it deemed “the biggest shake-up of airport security rules in decades.

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