New Rules for Entering the Czech Republic Now in Force

New rules for entering the country come into effect from today, November 9, and will apply to both Czechs traveling abroad and foreigners coming to the Czech Republic.

Travelers from red countries (including Czech citizens and foreign nationals) must complete an arrival form and show a negative PCR test or undergo quarantine upon entering the Czech Republic.

“On the way back to the Czech Republic from those countries, testing will be mandatory. Foreigners from these countries who come to the Czech Republic will also have to be tested, for example, for tourism reasons,” the minister explained.

Travelers from orange countries may arrive without completing an arrival form. However, foreigners who are coming for work or to study must present a negative PCR test before going to their workplace or the educational institution.

Travelers from green countries (including Czech citizens and foreign nationals) do not need to complete an arrival form or undergo a PCR test or quarantine to enter the country.

The system allows cross-border workers to travel abroad for up to twelve hours without the need for a test.

Still, the Czech Republic is accepting entry of people from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand and Australia without tests or quarantine. The data will be re-evaluated each week and, in the case of a change, the map will be updated on Fridays.

The map will be updated once a week.

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