New Residential District to be Built in Ruzyně

The Central Group developer(s) plans to start construction within two years on five large brownfields in Prague.

What comes into play, however, are the admitted agreements between the boroughs and the municipality (determining who will pay for the construction of the infrastructure) and the length of the authorization process. At the same time, the first outlines of the future residential Ruzyně district are outlines.

The Central Group has been buying land in retired industrial and warehouse premises in the past recent years. “We own about 1.5 million square meters for the construction of 30,000 flats,” stated Dušan Kunovský, owner of the Central group.

According to Kunovský, the reconstruction of the former Tesla Hloubětín, and the Park quarter in the part of Žižkov railway station are in their beginning stages. The question remaining is how the project will evolve on the of Žižkov Telecom, where it promotes residential towers designed by architect Eva Jiřičná.

2,200 apartments, kindergarten, and school

The company wishes to build 2,200 apartments with shops and services on the ground floor of the houses, as well as four smaller kindergartens to be part of the apartment blocks on the premises of Ruzyně and Liboca (Liboca is where the company owns a warehouse facility called Westpoint).

The apartments may have a maximum of eight aboveground floors, as the developer believes. A new elementary school is also planned out and has been negotiated with the municipality.

The urban study of the complex was prepared by architect Jakub Cigler. In cooperation with Prague 6, a regulatory plan was created to serve as an expert basis for further development.

“The assignment should not, therefore, change with every exchange of political representation,” said councilor Eva Smutna (club TOP 09, KDU-CSL).

This residential construction investment will cost 13 billion (CZK). The company is hoping that the construction will be completed by 2023. And, hopefully, the new district can expand even into the west.

Photo: Jakub Cigler Architekti


Photo: Jakub Cigler Architekti


Photo: Jakub Cigler Architekti


Photo: Jakub Cigler Architekti
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