Prague Will Have a New Metro Station: Depo Zličín

Depo Zličín new metro

Zličín will have a new metro station. Its appearance will be decided through an architectural competition.

Prague, in cooperation with Czechdesign, are organising this competition. The results will be evaluated by a jury and should be decided by April this year.

Although, the construction of the winning project is not scheduled to start until 2026.

Depo Zličín will be a surface metro station. The task of the winning architect will be to create a balance between functionality and aesthetic expression. They should cooperate with artists and designers typical for the Prague metro.

However, for the competition, it will not only be the design of the depot building that will be judged. It will also include the surrounding area where a P+R parking lot with 500 parking spaces is due to be built before construction begins.

The Depo Zličín station will then enable passengers to transfer to public transport.

The architectural firms invited to participate in the competition are; BOD architekti, DKarchitekti, IDHEA/dh architekti, Ivan Kroupa architekti, LASOVSKY JOHANSSON ARCHITECTS and PETR STOLÍN ARCHITEKT.

They were selected based on previous successful projects.

Among the experts evaluating the competition, will be Jan Skřivánek, artic critic and chief curator of the Museum Kampa, and Anna Švarc, a metro architect.

“Architecture, design and functionality, be they metro stations or means of transport, should complement each other and the two influences should be in balance, not at the expense of each other. That is why we are trying to incorporate design and art into public transport again” said Anna Švarc.


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