New Brothel With Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls Opens in Prague

In Prague city centre, a new ultra-realistic sex doll brothel has started operating, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. It will be open every day and give clients the choice between two erotic companions.

Prague is anticipating a sexual revolution. While here it is considered a novelty, elsewhere, even in other European countries, this trend is widespread. In Barcelona, Amsterdam, and even in neighbouring cities in Germany, for some clients, these ultra-realistic silicone dolls have become more attractive to them than real women.

Can these sex dolls save your marriage?

Naughty Harbor is to become a haven for lonely souls, shy partners, or a solution to suppressed fantasies. For some couples, this may be seen as an acceptable form of infidelity and a way to save a failing marriage.

The brothel is located in the city centre at Nekázanka 10, Prague 1. It will be open every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Naughty Harbor has two erotic companions, or “virgins” as the company likes to call them, for clients to choose from. Each companion has its own name, and they have different heights, hair colours, and body proportions. The client can choose between petite red-head Rebecca, or busty dark-haired Yasmine. For half an hour with the doll, the client pays 1,200 CZK, or for a full hour, the client pays 1,900 CZK.

“The virgins are prepared for the clients with a professional sterilising procedure without the need for any extra preparations. The client gets to avoid cleaning, transporting, and dressing the doll” the operators of Prague’s Naughty Harbor say.

Prague is only the beginning

In the future, Naughty Harbor are planning to open several other businesses that would also serve as “showrooms” for buying the silicone sex dolls. As the product is fairly expensive, priced between 30,000 CZK to 150,000 CZK, the customer will have the option to “try before they buy”. They also plan to open an e-shop.

Naughty Harbor has the ambition to become the largest network of erotic vendors and retailers not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. The founders of the company are optimistic and expect that their client base will grow rapidly.

Author: Holly Webb

Foto: Naughty Harbour

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