New Art Center “Kunsthalle” Pulsates in the Center of Prague

The emerging art center will open in the spring of 2021. However, it already attracts visitors with its Facade Project

Exhibitions of lesser-known and emerging artists, educational events for children and adults, a library and book lounge. All this will be offered to visitors of the new art center Kunsthalle Prague, which is being created in Klarov. And although the opening is planned for May 2021, the building is already attracting passers-by art projects on its facade. At present, there is an installation of Lightness by Ukrainian artist Aliona Solomadina. 

The new artistic and cultural space is created by the transformation of Zenger’s former transformation station. “This June, the rough construction will be completed and at the end of 2020, the reconstruction should be completely finished. Afterward, some restored elements that were previously removed from the building will gradually return,” says Martina Zátorská,  spokeswoman for Kunsthalle Praha.

New and Forgotten 

There are many public and private institutions in Prague that are like Kunsthalle. So how will this arts center be unique? “We want to bring more opportunities to the local cultural scene, among other things to support emerging artists, discover forgotten names and open up unexplored topics in an international context. We will present thematic and author exhibitions together with Central European and international art. We will create an interdisciplinary program combining 20th and 21st-century art with literature, music, film, science, and architecture,” says Zátorská.

The exhibition halls will offer space of 1,300 square meters. There will also be a quality restaurant, a café overlooking Prague Castle and the book lounge, where visitors will be able to relax and absorb their exhibit experience.

The program will also include educational events for children and adults. According to Zátorská, the specific topic of the first exhibition project remains secret. “We can only mention that inspiration is partly based on the history of a building where electricity was once pulsating.”

Art on the Facade

The building attracts visitors through original works of art, presented on the facade of the building. The Facade Project is a continuation of the earlier plan to place four light kinetic sculptures by sculptor Zdeněk Pešánek on the façade of the building, which was eventually not realized  So far, the building has featured the TransFormation project by Federico Díaz, a reflective inscription by the Greek artist Antonis Pittas and the monumental canvas Exit the Loop by Adéla Součková.

Currently, passers-by can enjoy Lightness by Ukrainian artist Alion Solomadina. “Solomadina’s work appealed to us, so we asked her to collaborate. Lightness is part of her creative project City of Forms, which aims to find new typographic forms inspired by architecture and life in different cities of the world. We are glad that this artist has connected Prague with ease,” added Zátorská.

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