Nebu Opens Up New Foodie Place In Nám. Republiky

nebu kotva prague

NEBU-owner Sunil, businessman, foodie, and owner of various culinary establishments, has recently opened up a bistro serving modern Indian cuisine that’s freshly prepped and ready to serve.

NEBU is extremely proud of their “charcoal” tandoor which Sunil insists makes all the difference in flavour to their naan breads and tikkas.

The menu boasts dishes such as Indian tacos with masala beef, paneer tikka wraps, chicken samosas, and lentils with mushroom curry, to name a few. NEBU bistro is located at the new food market Backyard Kotva behind Prague department store in Náměstí Republiky.

The bistro’s menu items look absolutely delightful, full of color, packed with culture, and fitting for the pre-summer season.

Prague Morning recommends that you try out the establishment’s goodies for yourself, as we’ve had the chance to indulge in their menu as well.

NEBU bistro also serves refreshing and complimentary beverages, such as their Mango lassi – perfect to fight off the heat and their signature cocktail Mango Chili martini topped with prosecco.

A bit of the background story behind this culinary name – Sunil moved to a house in Nebušice, which is where ‘NEBU’ comes from, and decided to open his own restaurants after missing the taste of high-quality Asian and Indian food, which he felt he just couldn’t find here in Prague.

NEBU bistro is accessible through Bolt Food, OneMenu, and Wolt, but if you fancy taking advantage of their physical shop you can visit them at Jakubská 16, 110 00 Old Town. You can also easily order from their online shop and pick up your order straight at the shop.

Their opening times span from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm at night.

nebu kotva prague

nebu kotva prague


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