Nearly 700,000 People Visited the Old Town Hall Last Year

Last year, the Old Town Hall recorded the highest number of visitors since 2017.

In overall admission sales, December was also the best month of the year with almost 78,000 attendees.

The last month of the year saw also a record in terms of the number of mTickets. Their number does not normally exceed 1,500 per month, but in December visitors bought more than 7,000 mobile tickets which are more and more popular since their introduction in 2016.

“Not only the Old Town Hall itself saw record attendance, but the fifth year of the City Hall Wide Open 2019 has also had encouraging results. The City Hall remains one of our most important projects aimed at Prague residents and home visitors,” says Petr Slepička in charge of Prague City Tourism.

The largest number of visitors to the town hall came from Italy, the United States, France, the Czech Republic, and Germany during Christmas. After the New Year, tourists came mainly from Italy, Russia, South Korea, France, and the Czech Republic.

About Old Town Hall

The core of the Town Hall was a Gothic corner house, to which the Prague burghers added an extra floor with council hall and a 70 m high tower with viewing-gallery. The town hall achieved its current form over centuries.

In the cellars, visitors can view the foundations of Romanesque houses, while the dominant style of the interiors is Gothic. The building’s original Gothic vaulting, original hall with painted wooden ceiling beams and rare Gothic chapel and oriel window, the work of architect Petr Parléř, the builder of the Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague Castle, all form part of the tour.

Also worthy of attention is the three-part Renaissance window in the wedding-hall, with its inscription Praga caput regni (Prague, Head of the Kingdom) and the coat-of-arms of Old Town and the Gothic  Cross Corridor, which is used as an exhibition space.

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