Nationwide Demonstrations Planned for Today, June 9

The Million Moments for Democracy (MCHD) movement has called for nationwide protests on Tuesday, June 9, to demand the resignation of several senior government officials, including Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

The largest protest is scheduled to take place in Prague starting in the Old Town Square at 18:00. Other protest locations and times were not immediately announced, but similar demonstrations are expected to take place in urban centers nationwide.

Among them Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Karlovy vary and Plzen.

In the bigger cities the number of participants will be limited to 500 people, within the government-imposed coronavirus restrictions and participants will be expected to wear face-masks and adhere to social distancing rules.

“We are ready to demonstrate for years,” said Mikuláš Minář, president of A Million Moments for Democracy. “Politicians should get used to it.”

A heightened security presence and localized traffic disruptions are anticipated around all demonstration sites.

Million Moments for Democracy is a Czech student campaign and association which is analyzing and guarding Czech politics, organizing protests and demonstrations. Its initial goal was a challenge to get one million signatures for the current Czech Prime Minister to resign.

The anti-Babiš demonstrations began in April and culminated in June with the biggest protest since the Velvet Revolution 30 years ago.


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