Náplavka Renovations to be Completed by This Spring

The first part of the renovations at Náplavka, including the rebuilding of the cell areas in the embankment wall, should be completed this April or May. The city also seemed to reduce the leading plans, which included, for example, building several swimming pools in the Vltava River. 

Náplavka is the favourite destination for Prague visitors and it is managed by the city company Trade Centre Praha (TCP).

The revitalisation concerns the renovation of 12 rooms set into the stone walls, under the upper-level street. Some of them will be turned into public cafes and galleries featuring glass entrances. New benches and trash containers will be placed along the promenade as well. 

Renovations will continue, but slower and with less cost. This could mean, for example, the limitation of the pools that would have been built in the river. “There will not be six, but only one,” said Prague City Councillor, Jan Chabr.

The municipality began the revitalisation of the area last year, the first phase according to the project cost 225 million Kč.

Around 2010, Náplavka was transformed from peaceful footpaths with pleasant views into a buzzing alternative social hotspot. Farmers markets, sports events, open boats and cultural activities are among the list of things Náplavka have been host to. In recent years, however, locals feel the space has lost some of its alternative charm as it has become more commercialized, with an influx of beer tents marketed to tourists. 

Author: Lilato Madiri

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