Movies, Al Fresco: Czechia’s Best Open-Air Theatres for Summer Cinema

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Watching movies outside is an integral part of enjoying the warmer summer weather. Below are the most beautiful, interesting places that offer a movie-going experience, with a twist.


Sunset Cinema, Na Pankráci 86, Prague 4 – Nusle

Enjoy the true summer atmosphere of the big city and watch the cinema from the roof of the Pankrák department store. There are comfortable chairs, drinks, popcorn and a selection of popular movies. Look forward to Hollywood blockbusters, romance, action and fairy tales. With headphones, showings continue even after 10 PM. Expect English-language films with Czech subtitles.

Sunset Cinema prague


Za Sokolovnou, Trstěnická 982, Litomyšl

Litomyšl is a mecca of culture, so there is no shortage of open-air film screenings here either – there are two separate locations. The traditional summer cinema on Smetana Square will screen the first week of August (August 2 to 6).

Behind Sokolovna, you can see films throughout all summer. Look forward to titles for kids and adults alike. There are new movies galore, like the newest Bond movie. In addition, you can watch the films from the covered areas in case of rain or extreme heat, and there is plenty food and drink.


Summer cinema Pernštejn, Hradecká, Pardubice II

The Pardubice summer cinema is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic, in its scope, number of screenings and duration. This is mainly thanks to the special dramaturgical composition of the program, quality production and the absence of an entrance fee. The titles here are carefully selected so that every viewer gets the most comprehensive picture of contemporary cinema. Individual days of the week are dedicated to different genres, so put together a program according to your tastes.


Drive-in cinema Strahov, Zátopkova, Prague 6 – Strahov

Projection on a giant screen assembled from six shipping containers at the Strahov stadium. In addition, a view of Prague and an amazingly long sunset.

All this with the option of ordering a drink or snack. Titles from the dramaturgy of Aerofilms are shown every day in Strahov, on an absolutely breathtaking screen: measuring thirteen by six meters and featuring 4K resolution.


Summer cinema Háječek, František Antonín Gerstner 8, České Budějovice

Cinematography, theater and concerts. The popular České Budějovice space is in operation again, and the range of cultural events is all over the place. The Gucci Clan, Time Lapse, Jackal Years, The Devil Wears Prada and Deathtrap. Enjoy the stars on screen and in the sky. And don’t forget to eat a treat from the local bistro.


Karlín Barracks, Prvního pluku 20/2, Prague 8

One of the most popular summer cinemas in Prague reports screenings in full swing. Enjoy the production from deckchairs and fatboys, and with a drink in hand! The courtyard of Karlín Barracks offers a capacity of 250 seats. The projection is not canceled in case of bad weather, but is moved inside, where there is a capacity of one hundred seats.

Kasárna Karlín anniversary


Summer cinema Olomouc, Pekární 26, Olomouc

Film screenings in the large amphitheater of the summer cinema are held regularly every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer season
(from May to September), starting at nine in the evening. The area has been partially renovated, there is a garden with a bistro, where you can have both drinks and goodies from the grill. The cinema with a capacity of 2,200 seats can be found right next to the archbishopric and the St. Wenceslas Cathedral.

letni kino olomouc

Pivovar Spojovna, U Kunratické lesa 1801, Prague 4

A place popular with beer lovers is also joining the summer screening craze. The summer cinema in Spojovna in Kunratice focuses on Czech hits. You can see Old Man on Hops, Smoke or Returnable Bottles. It is weather-reliant.


Špilberk Castle, Brno

Let yourself be drawn by the unique atmosphere of Špilberk Castle. The screening takes place on the terrace with a beautiful view of Brno. The program does not lack film news or the regular Blind Films event.

This means that you come, make yourself comfortable, and if you don’t like the film being shown, you have the option to leave the premises within twenty minutes after the start of the screening, and the organizers will refund your entrance fee.

letni kino spilberk

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