Morning News: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

  • The second and final term in office of outgoing Czech President Milos Zeman will end with the ceremonial lowering of the presidential standard at midnight on the evening of Wednesday, 8 March, outgoing Presidential Office head Vladimir Krulis told CTK.


  • The Czech Ministry of Justice plans to remove Covid-19 from the list of diseases the spreading of which can be classified as a criminal offense. The edict placing Covid-19 on the list of infectious diseases which present a serious public health threat has been in force since March 2020.


  • The network of services to help those addicted to alcohol, tobacco and gambling is not sufficient in Czech regions, and they are thus finding it difficult to access care, national drug policy coordinator Jindrich Voboril told reporters yesterday after a meeting of the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination.


  • The Czech Republic has asked to buy an unspecified number of 1980s Leopard 2 tanks from Switzerland, the Czech News Agency reported on Monday evening, citing Swiss Defense Minister Viola Amherd.


  • A horse, which reportedly belongs to the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, has been stolen from a stud farm in Krabčice near Roudnice nad Labem. The English thoroughbred, whose value is estimated at around CZK 400,000, disappeared during the night from Friday to Saturday.

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