Morning News: Thursday, March 30, 2023

  • Czechia disagrees with the International Olympic Committee recommending on Thursday that Russian and Belarusian athletes can compete in international competitions as neutral competitors.


  • Czech National Bank leaves interest rates unchanged at 7%. Wages are rising faster than expected, and the bank warns of the risk of a wage-price spiral. The board will consider raising rates in May to maintain long-term price stability. 


  • Around 1,000 people took part in the “Hour of Truth” protest yesterday against low salaries for lecturers in humanities and social sciences at Czech universities. The protesters, who gathered outside the Faculty of Arts of Charles University (FF UK) in Prague, called on PM Petr Fiala to take action to address the situation.


  • The Czech Army aims to boost its air defence capabilities and is planning to buy missiles from the Israeli state firm Rafael. The Ministry of Defence has been in talks with the company for more than a year about purchasing its Spyder anti-missile system at a cost of CZK 13.7 billion, the daily said.


  • Visitors to Prague’s Clementinum will be able to take part in a new Baroque tour at the Czech National Library’s historic complex from the start of April. The tour, which will allow access to unique spaces, including its Baroque library, has been created by the National Library and Prague City Tourism.

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