Morning News: Thursday, March 2, 2023

  • In Czechia there are around 30,000 Ukrainian children who are refugees who arrived into the country by themselves and are unattended by adults, the Government Commissioner for Human Rights Klára Šimáčková Laurenčíková told the Czech News Agency. Some of these children are thus living in children’s homes.


  • The koruna broke another threshold on Tuesday afternoon, breaking below CZK 23.50 per euro for the first time since July 2008. In the afternoon, it briefly reached CZK 23.47/EUR, continuing its appreciation this year. Shortly before the end of trading, it weakened slightly and closed at CZK 23.52/EUR.


  • A majority of Czechs (54%) would not permit Russian and Belarusian athletes to take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris if the war in Ukraine is still going on next year, according to a poll conducted by the Median agency and released yesterday by Czech Radio. The poll found that 37% of respondents supported the participation of athletes from the two countries in the Paris Olympics.


  • The Czech government is planning changes to the country’s social welfare system, the prime minister, Petr Fiala, said after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The aim was to ensure efforts to stabilise the public finances did not result in situation of citizens who rely on state assistance.


  • The Czech Philharmonic will play at the inauguration of Petr Pavel as president at Prague Castle on Friday next week, a spokesperson for the ensemble said. The event will culminate with the concert, conducted by Jakub Hrůša and also featuring the Prague Philharmonic Choir.

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