Morning News: Monday, May 22, 2023

  • Politicians, war veterans, church dignitaries, diplomats and members of the public gathered at the National Cemetery in Terezín on Sunday for a commemorative ceermony to the victims of the Holocaust. Speaking at the ceremony, President Pavel said this terrible historic experience should serve as a memento for the democratic world not to repeat past mistakes.


  • Britain’s Prince Edward is expected to visit Czechia next week. He will spend three days in the Czech Republic at the invitation of the chairman of the board of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Jiří Zrůst. The prince is expected to arrive in Prague by train from Germany on Tuesday afternoon.


  • A Russian company based in Czechia has been included on a new list of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States. According to Washington, the Czech-based Versvet company worked together with the Russian company Radioavtomatika to import electronics to Russia which were prohibited within broad sanctions introduced at the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine.


  • Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky (Pirates) will visit Saudi Arabia and Iraq this week along with representatives of 15 Czech industrial companies, the Foreign Ministry told CTK yesterday. As part of his three-day visit, he will meet top officials of both states.


  • An extensive 4-year restoration breathed new life into the spectacular Clam-Gallas Palace. Built in 1714-1718, the lavish interiors of this Prague Baroque architectural masterpiece are decorated with sculptures, frescoes, stuccos, and crystal chandeliers. Beethoven performed in one of the music halls, as well as Mozart.

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