Morning News: Monday, January 30, 2023

  • Eva Pavlová, the country’s future First Lady, has said that she intends to devote herself to charity. She wants to focus particularly on gender equality and discrimination against women in society. As a former single mother, she said she would like to draw attention to the problems faced by single parents.


  • Until the end of March, trams will not run in Prague between Újezd and Malostranská Street, where the transport company will change the tracks. The passage through Mala Strana will also be restricted.


  • The average old-age pension in the Czech Republic reached CZK 19,438 in January after indexation and a pension bonus of CZK 500 per dependent child, CZK 1,377 more than in December, according to data and estimates from the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSZ) provided to CTK.


  • The newly-elected president, Petr Pavel, has said he wants to reduce the support network and staff that the head of state enjoys at the expense of taxpayers. Citing an example, Pavel said he saw no reason for a large motorcade to accompany him on trips.


  • The Creditas investment group of financier Pavel Hubáček has bought a 100% stake in the British part of the energy group InterGen. The group was previously owned by Sev.en Global Investments of billionaire Pavel Tykač together with Chinese partners.

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