More Free Cups of Coffee Than Starbucks

For the past five years, a little shop in Prague has been giving away free coffee, tea, and cookies to anyone that comes in.

No purchase is needed, no talks about their products – Vape House is just a place where people can feel welcome. They are open and give away coffee and tea every day. So, you can just come by to get a cup of hot tea or coffee for free and enjoy your day.

Due to many requests from the local community, the shop at Cimburkova 3, Žizkov has changed their working hours. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the shop is open from 8.00 a.m. to 19.00 p.m. to provide free coffee and tea in the mornings.

“Only through kindness and goodwill we are able to get past the COVID crisis and step by step come back to normal life, let’s start with a free cup of coffee, tea, and a smile,” says Chris from Vape House.

“Soon we are opening another shop in Prague as we understand how it is great to stop smoking and we can show how to do that. Stay in touch with our Facebook and Instagram group and take care!”

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