Minister of Health Blatný Supposedly to Quit in 14 Days

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Czech Television (ČT) presenter Václav Moravec claims that the current Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, will quit and leave his position in 14 days.

Moreover, ČT also claims that the current Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš, will take over the Health Ministry department and that Blatný will be replaced by the former head of Ministry, Roman Prymula.

Prymula was the Minister of Health for the duration of a month last year in 2020, however, he has since then resigned after being spotted leaving a restaurant during Covid-19 lockdown.

Additionally, ČT claims that Prymula has been attending government meetings in the past weeks.

Prime Minister Babiš has publicly denied the information given by ČT, stating that he has no intention of leaving or replacing the current Minister of Health.

“It’s all just speculation and gossip on the Václav Moravec show. I suppose he was trying to raise the profile of his show, which is not much talked about anymore”, commented PM Babiš.

President of the Chamber of Deputies, Vondráček, has also publicly stated that the show’s claims are all just gossip and rumors and that there has not been any information between government officials claiming that this would actually happen.

According to ČT, one of the reasons why they think that Blatný might leave his position is because a number of leading experts have left the ministry.

This past Tuesday, the deputy health minister, Aleksi Šedo, has supposedly quit. On the other hand, political deputy Alena Šteflová, had to quit as well very recently.

This past Monday, the vaccination coordinator at the Ministry, Zdeněk Blahuta, has apparently resigned. On top of that, Pavel Březovský, director of the State Institute of Health, has supposedly resigned as well around mid-January.

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