Metronome Festival Prague is Officially Postponed to 2021

The Metronome Festival Prague has released a statement letting fans and customers know that the music event has been postponed to June 17 – 19, 2021.

“In reaction to the regulations enacted by the government, we, unfortunately, must confirm that despite our best efforts Metronome Prague will be postponed to June 17–19, 2021. We’re very sorry to have to make this decision, but all possibilities for a date this year have been exhausted,” organizers wrote on the website.

“In light of the uncertainty of the situation in three months’ time, we’re facing a case where no one will purchase tickets and therefore we cannot organize the festival in the way we would like. We asked to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Health, but we continue to receive the answer that only 500 people can gather in one place even though we were prepared to accept all possible preventive measures that we proposed that would prevent the potential spread of contagions better than current measures.”

Unfortunately, flights from the US are also uncertain, which would prevent the participation of some performers. The good news is that talks with booking agents are positively progressing and more than half have confirmed the new date: June 17–19, 2021. All tickets purchased remain valid for the new date.

In case of serious reasons for refunding tickets, please contact us at where we will address each situation individually.

About Metronome Festival

Metronome Festival Prague is the first large pop/rock festival to take place in the Czech capital. It strives to provide a cross-section of various genres and musical epochs, focusing on the hottest new sounds and the best of the past.

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