Metro Lines Extend to Modřany, Žižkov and Petrovice in the Future

According to the City Council’s management, the construction of Metro D is considered to be a top priority for the next few years. There have been, however, difficulties with preparing and buying the land needed for the expansion of the metro system.

This leaves a question as to how far they will extend the metro lines. Furthermore, the entire proposal is also a complex examination of how much this will improve public transportation and whether this multi-billion-dollar investment will pay off at all. 

In 2015, the metro system has expanded to include station stops between Dejvická and Motol Hospital. The plan to stretch to the airport was dropped due to the upcoming railroad that leads from the metropolis center to Kladno. On the green line A, City Council considers adding a new station at the opposite end at Depa Hostivař, due to the ever-growing area on the southeastern outskirts of the city. On another note, the expansion of Line B seems to be too ideal and ambitious as they plan to extend from Černý Most to Horní Počernice. The extension of Zličín metro seems to be more likely and reasonable than the previous route mentioned earlier. 

The city is also concerned with the introduction of a metro from the current C terminal station from Letňany to Čakovice. Metroprojekt has already established an initial study this year and the estimated total cost is CZK 16 billion. The preparation and construction of the new section would take 12 years. The preferred route is 3.5 kilometers long and includes three new stations. 

The first one is located in the middle of the Letňany housing estate; another is to be located in one of the development areas followed by the route to the new terminal station of Čakovice railway station, where a transport node can be established with a continuous link to the railway transport. In addition, the city also plans to build a parking lot in these areas. 

The basic axis of the planned Metro D will connect Depo Písnice with Pankrác and will then connect to Náměstí Míru station. From Vinohrady, line D could go further north through Žižkov to Vysočany. In the southern part, a new branch of the Nový Dvůr can be built from where the new branch of the metro will lead to the west. It should only happen after the completion of the main route at the ten-year horizon. 

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