May 5th: Live Stream Concert to Support People in Need

Liverpool native Adam Oliver, Aka MadMusicianPrague will play another concert on the 5th of May at 8 pm.

This show is organized as part of A Maze in Tchaiovna cafe/performance space’s series to support the bulk food distribution program.

During the show, viewers can pledge donations that allow the staff to prepare large quantities of basic meals for distribution to the city’s needy and also raising funds for the homeless.

Four the last four years Oliver has been an established solo performer in Prague and his odyssey from his native UK to Czechia via Poznan, Poland is reflected in musical diversity as he flows from RHCP to Green Day, the Clash to Jason Mraz and seamlessly intersperses his own catchy and thoughtful compositions.

As well as becoming a fixture on the city’s live music circuit prior to lockdown Adam Oliver and four-piece Royal Flush had been working on new material since getting together at the beginning of the year.

Adam Oliver and the A Maze in Tchaiovna ask Prague Morning readers to take a break from quarantine monotony with this installment in their charity series to help those less fortunate.

Donations can be made through PayPal to

You can watch the live stream on Prague Morning, A Maze in Tchaiovna and MadMusicianPrague Facebook pages.

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