Tiktok Famous DJ S!ck!ck to Perform in Prague

Canadian producer S!ck!ck is bringing the dance party to Prague on June 30 at Retro Music Hall!

With over 10 million active followers, S!ck!ck has taken over the remix industry. He is both a DJ and a talented recording artist.

His unique take on current music blended with classic hits creates an atmospheric auditory experience like no other.

Collaborating with noteworthy artists such as Madonna, Post Malone, 070 Shake, Fireboy DML and more, S!ck!ck is making a name for himself in music without ever showing his face.

Bringing together elements of trap, bass, reggaeton, electro and R&B, the masked artist has crafted his unique style of electronica by layering seductive lyrics over hard-hitting percussion.

He has parlayed his recent explosion into a global 2022 touring cycle having just performed at Tomorrowland, Rock in Rio, World Club Dome and his own headline tour.

About Sickick

Despite his musical talent, the idea of fame and crowds was once a cause of anxiety for Sickick. The iconic mask, which is now ubiquitous with his image and music, has allowed him to overcome his fears.

Sickick has received acknowledgements from musical heavyweights like Missy Elliott, Jason Derulo, Shaq, Timbaland and Sean Paul for his creative originals and remixes.

With over 200M streams and listeners from 80+ countries, his reach grows each day.

Tickets on Gouout.cz

Tickets on Ticketportal


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