March 13-14: Manifesto Markets Reopen for the 2020 season

After a winter break, Pragues Manifesto Markets are getting ready to reopen. Manifesto Florenc will reopen on Friday, March 13th and Manifesto Smichov will open on the following day, March 14th. Both markets will stay at their known locations.

New this year, the markets will change their look and menus with each season. On the cultural side, Manifesto will continue to host events to create happy memories, including summer cinema, music nights and more frequent live cooking and bar shows.

Manifesto, known for its strong vision of sustainability, earned a nomination for the prestigious Hamburgs Internorga Future Award 2020, the winner of which will be announced the night before our reopening, on March 12th in Hamburg. The trophy celebrates trendsetting and forward-thinking companies.

As a young company, this is an enormous honor for us. Since the beginning, sustainability has been a core value for us. We work tirelessly to provide a tech-enabled and unique experience for our visitors combining gastronomy, culture, and design. We care deeply about reducing our impact while inspiring our guests to understand how they can reduce theirs. We are insistent in building a healthy and innovative market ecosystem supported by data-driven decisions and technology. This, in turn, generates fresh ideas and helps incubate bold gastro entrepreneurs,” says Manifesto’s Founder, and creative driving force, Martin Barry.

New to this season, all kitchens will now include at least one vegetarian or vegan meal on their menus. Dont worry, meat-lovers! You wont fall short either – Manifesto is welcoming Marek Pavala, a young Czech chef, and his concept Fuego Wild Diner. Marek has worked alongside top chefs, such as Riccardo Lucque, and has taken care of menus for celebrities and organized now famous cooking camps in the Czech countryside. Manifesto is the perfect place for him to showcase his travel-inspired delights: Until recently, you could only taste our dirty steak, made in burning hot charcoal, in our classes outside of Prague. Now, paired with our selection of biodynamic wines, at our kitchen decorated to remind of a cave made or charcoal, Manifesto will be the only place in Prague where one can enjoy them.”

Manifesto Florenc will be welcoming more than one newcomer – a traditional Spanish restaurant El Romero and authentic Mexican kitchen Alebrijes. The legendary Italian chef, Matteo De Carli, wont be missing though. You can look forward to dining at his fish and seafood spot Ryba je ryba, alongside Dirty Dog BBQ, Poké Haus, and Faency Fries. Smíchov will also see some new faces: Nofech – the Israeli cuisine, and K8 Coffee truck. These happy newbies will be next to Manifestos favorites Miska by Zátiší, Alebrijes, and The Craft.

A big change will happen at the beer bar in Manifesto Florenc where the visitors will have the choice of both Pilsner Urquell and Vinohradsky pivovar on tap this season. Smichov will continue to offer tank beer from the beautiful, shiny copper tanks, and brews from Vinohradsky pivovar, and a wide selection of trendy cocktails will be available in the main bar.

Menus made easy

Manifesto is proud of its commitment to being a space for everyone to meet and enjoy great food. Therefore, the kitchens are introducing one meal (at least!) under one hundred Czech crowns (about four euros). This is a chance for everyone to enjoy more for less and try anything they want. Visual signs will help the customers to identify the daily offers, seasonal specials and vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free meals.

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