Map: Where Czech Residents are Allowed to Go From June 15

On Monday, Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s cabinet approved a so-called “traffic lights system” that divides countries into three categories.

Without a test for COVID-19 and from June 15, Czech residents will be able to travel to the countries marked in green and orange. These include, for example, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, and Greece.

According to Minister of Health Adam Vojtech, “green countries” are the safest ones, “orange countries” have an average risk of infection, and red countries a high risk of infection. Czechs and foreign residents can return from countries marked in green and orange, without following any restrictive measures (like undergo a 14-day quarantine) or producing a COVID 19 negative test.

“However, you will need to produce a test when returning from countries marked in red. Foreigners coming back to the Czech Republic are required to have a valid test upon returning from yellow and red countries,” Vojtech added.

However, the head of Czech diplomacy Tomáš Petříček recalled that in some countries the borders are still closed.

Rail operator RegioJet has announced it will start operating a direct rail connection between the Czech Republic and Croatia at the end of the month.

Green zone
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Cyprus and Iceland.

Citizens from those countries will be allowed in without having to present a negative COVID-19 test.

Orange zone
Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Czechs can travel to these countries without restrictions. However, those countries’ citizens will need to present a COVID-19 test.

Red zone
Currently, only the United Kingdom and Sweden are in the red zone. Czechs returning from trips there and citizens of those countries need to have a test.

The country reported less than 100 new coronavirus cases a day for most of May. It has reported 9,286 cases of the virus, with 6,642 recovering so far. The death toll has reached 321, a fraction of the rate in western Europe.


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