Manifesto is Getting Ready for the New Season

Cozy igloos and mulled wine in porcelain cups create a cool but warm fall and winter vibe at Prague’s Manifesto Markets

Manifesto Markets in Smichov and Florenc dressed up in fall styling offer a comfortable all-weather experience through the end of the year: visitors can once again book popular cozy transparent igloos – seven of them were raised at Florenc and six are available at Smichov.

Newly this fall, Czech-made porcelain cups with Manifesto’s iconic design will replace single-use cups for enjoying hot wine and drinks in the warm glow from heaters while tasting new specialties and menus composed to warm us up.

“This is one of my favorite times of year. We invest so much love into making Manifesto a completely different, and warm experience before the holidays. Manifesto, at its core, is about bringing people together. What better way to see your friends and family than with the warm glow of gas fires and heaters under our new roofs? We have something for everyone. Grab some hot chocolate, mulled wine, specialty hot cocktails served in our Czech-made porcelain holiday mugs. You’ll find new interior designs for our cozy igloos at both Manifesto Smichov and Florenc. We are offering really special outdoor holiday activities so you don’t have to go to the mountains to have winter fun. We’ve created a unique environment to enjoy fresh air in the city,” explains Martin Barry, founder of the food and culture market drawing on his experience of designing year-round public spaces in Canada and other cold-weather countries.

The food selection will be enriched by two French cuisine concepts joining the market – Le Petit Bouillon and L’Atelier Charlie Voston, while all the restaurants will change up their menus – Zatisi is offering creamy soups and toasts with pulled duck and cabbage, The Craft created a brand new brunch menu and PokeHaus will offer churros.

Children and grown-ups alike can enjoy Halloween with our first karaoke party as well as Dia de los Muertos with a mariachi band. With the Velvet Party, Manifesto will celebrate the 30th anniversary of freedom and the right to choose – values deeply present in its DNA. Founded by an American, Manifesto became an incubator to support young, independent entrepreneurs and a living melting pot of diversity – all of those aspects were unthinkable before the Velvet revolution. Finally, on November 20th, the stylish and elegant Manifesto Winter Market will kick off at both locations, with a special program.

At both markets, heated domes – igloos – can be booked on GoOut. Newly this season, you can wrap yourself in brand new Manifesto blankets.

On the culture side, Manifesto Smichov will present live music and DJs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and Manifesto Florenc will continue to host Friday Nightmarket with live music, on top of special highlights of the Fall season. Events line-up is available at the new website

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