Lucerna Palace Rooftop to Open this Weekend

The roof terraces of the Lucerna palace will be open every Monday and Sunday from 3 p.m. till dusk. The opening season starts this Sunday, May 20. 

Concerts, poetry evenings and other cultural events will take place on the roof of this historic building. Organizers will also open soon a cafe and garden, divided into five zones.

Architect Petr Hájek, whose firm designed the new DOX gallery building, is behind the Lucerna rooftop reconstruction project. The whole building carrying distinctive elements of subsiding Art Nouveau and incoming Modernism has been finished in 1921 by Vácslav Havel  (the grandfather of president Václav Havel). 

The program structure is going to be based on our main mission that is the support of community life, educational and public enlightenment activities, art in public space, the roof as a creative laboratory for the development of social innovations and preservation of cultural heritage.

The main event at the Lucerna roof in 2019 is going to be an original exposition about the history of Havel family and whole cultural centre Lucerna. Admission fee is CZK100/ a person.

How to reach the roof?

Through an entry in the Lucerna passage opposite to the entrance to the Grand Hall. Then with a paternoster lift or by stairs to the 5th floor.

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