Lucerna Palace Rooftop Deck Reopens to the Public

lucerna rooftop

The iconic Prague building has officially reopened its rooftop to the public.

The rooftop will be accessible for three days – May 27, 28, and 29, then the organizers will draw up a regular schedule for the summer months.

Lucerna Palace is a legendary place that made the history of the country and in some way changed the character of the whole city. It was inaugurated in 1909.

The then builder and developer Václav Havel, the grandfather of the well-known president Václav Havel, raised the city to a metropolis with the building. Lucerna brought the inhabitants of the city interesting opportunities for the time. It was the opening of a cabaret, a Japanese tea room, a cinema or a large social hall for concerts.

Legends of the world music performed in the grand hall. The Beach Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, and many, many others. The Great Hall in Lucerna is a prestigious and renowned venue for concerts for both Czech and foreign performers.

We highly recommend going there at sunset: watching the sun hide behind the Prague Castle while bathing the Old Town in golden rays gives a whole new meaning to the expression ‘Golden Prague’!

Opening hours are from 16:00 to 22:00. The entrance ticket costs CZK 100.

Fun Facts about Prague Lucerna

  • Lucerna translates as Lantern from the Czech language. That is why you see lanterns everywhere when you are going through the palace!
  • This Art Nouveau palace from the beginning of the 20th century was the first multipurpose building – it has a famous music bar, cinema, restaurant, shops, cafes, and many other cool venues!
  • During Communism times, the 1st International Jazz Festival was held in Lucerna, where Louis Armstrong performed
  • You can find a strange upside-down statue of St. Wenceslas hanging in the Lucerna corridor. The statue was made by a contemporary Czech artist, David Cerny, from a very light material, which allows it to be hanged from the glass ceiling.


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