Looking for Safe and Quick International Money Transfers? Profee is the Answer

profee Money Transfers

Can we imagine any part of our life without modern technology? Communication, shopping, entertainment… Every aspect of our daily life relies on it.

And now technological development has advanced even further – we can send money easily and securely around the world and have it delivered in close to no time.

Sending funds abroad can be stressful: can we trust the service, who will handle our hard-earned money, will it reach the recipient, will the fee be charged as promised by the service provider?

With Profee, though, there is no need to worry. Profee is a reliable way of sending money between European countries, as well as from Europe to a number of other geographies. It is just as simple, cheap and quick as giving money by hand.

Established in 2017 and guided by a team of dedicated professionals, Profee has been keen on developing innovative tools for personal finance. Now Profee is proud to offer international card-to-card transfers from Europe to Visa and Mastercard cards at over 40 destinations.

After an easy and user-friendly registration, you can send up to 150 euro per month with the entry-level account.

With Profee there are no hidden commissions or additional costs. Regardless of the transfer amount, the fee will not exceed 1 EUR/GBP/USD, and the applied exchange rate is displayed on the payment execution page.

What’s important, transfer is executed directly to the recipient’s card and the money is immediately available for further use. In most cases, the money reaches the recipient in a few minutes, a drastic difference compared to bank transfers that take several days. For those who wish to send more than 150 euro a month, Profee offers a simple and free automated verification process. Prove your identity by uploading your ID, utility bill and a selfie, and send up to 15.000 euro per year.

Profee takes the security of its clients’ money seriously. Registered and licensed in Europe, the company complies with all the relevant regulations of the European Union, as well as the PCI DSS standards. Some of the measures applied include the two-factor authentication, SMS verification and 3DS checks.

And if you are an expat living in Europe and wishing to send money back home, Profee takes care of that. Some of the destination countries include, but are not limited to, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, even as far as Canada, South Korea and Singapore.

Use the mobile friendly website or app, available on Play Store and App Store, to make a transfer. Moreover, once registered with Profee, you get access to all the Profee wallet functionalities: balances in four currencies with the exchange option, instant money transfers between Profee users, digital and plastic Visa cards.

Their multilingual customer support is always available to assist you with any issues via chat, phone or email.

Using only state-of-the-art technology, their data centre is located in the Netherlands, where they carry out all the necessary tests to ensure their customers’ security. They also cooperate with banks in several countries, and are subject to the rules of international payment system regulations, such as VISA and MasterCard.

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