Lime Partially Reactivates Scooter Fleet in Prague

Lime announced today that it has partially resumed its operations in Prague.

Out of the 1,500 scooters that normally operate in the Czech capital, 200 have so far been re-deployed in the streets, said Ondřej Široký, the company’s operations manager.

Lime will also offer free 30-minute scooter rides for public-health workers and law enforcement officers, who can receive access simply by signing up.

“Micro mobility plays a critical role in moving people seamlessly through cities, and as an individual form of transportation, scooters can help fill an integral transportation gap at this important time,” Lime wrote in a statement.

Lime will provide in-app reminders of its “THRIVE” health and safety best practices, including:

  • Take precautions – inspect the scooter to make sure the wheels, brakes, throttle, lights, and frame are all in good working condition
  • Hands – wash your hands or use hand sanitizer which is at least 60 percent alcohol-based when you arrive at your final destination.  Wear gloves when you can
  • Ride Solo for safety and social distancing; maintain a distance of at least six feet from others
  • Identify bike lanes and be aware of traffic lights and signs
  • Vigilance – remain alert of your surroundings and potential road and safety hazards
  • Essential rides only – scooter rides are for essential travel only, such as the grocery store, pharmacy or for healthcare purposes. No joyriding, and please follow your city’s shelter-in-place orders.


Lime will offer free 30-minute rides for health care workers and law enforcement officers in the following cities: Austin, Baltimore, Columbus, Dallas, Nashville, Norfolk, Va., Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C, Berlin, Cologne, Paris, Rimini, and Tel Aviv.

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