Liftago Starts Package Delivery Service in Prague

Firstly the transport of people, then meals and finally packages. Modern transport services that want to make full use of their drivers and give them the possibility of additional income opens up entirely new possibilities for urban transport. Taxis and other alternative services will be used for passengers and to take the food from the restaurant to the customer.

Czech Liftago launches its cooperation with Zásilkovna and therefore also with all the e-shops that are offered by standard delivery to one of the Zásilkovna branches. In practice, when completing a purchase, the customer can choose express delivery from the shipping options and then enters a request for one of the Liftago drivers in the vicinity that picks up the package and delivers it to the customer along the way. This can fill the time while waiting for other passengers or just extend the normal rides.

Like express delivery from online supermarkets, the service will obviously cost more than traditional delivery to the store. However, over time, it can not only be cost-effective but also involve other partners. “We see our offer of services as a digital logistics platform with a wide range of logistics solutions, and the new delivery model from Liftago will be placed directly into our mailbox system initially as a premium service for our e-shops and clients,” says Simona Kijonkova, founder of Zásilkovna.

“The price of such premium service will be logically higher, but I believe that clients will not complain about it. Because the delivery of the shipment within one hour or 90 minutes is more and more popular for a certain type of customer,” adds Kijonkova. The start of the service in cooperation with Liftago should take place in the second quarter of this year, initially in Prague, including surrounding areas such as Říčany, Kladno or Ruzyně. Later, the service should be extended to Brno or Ostrava.

Author: Roberta Zoch

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