Letní Letná Circus and Theatre Festival to Take Place on August 11-31

The festival of new circus and theater Letní Letná will present, in addition to foreign guests, the work of 17 Czech groups. The event will take place from August 11 to 31 in Prague’s Letenské sady.

The festival will also provide experiences for children on a separate stage, with free open-air performances as well as evening concerts and other accompanying programs.

From France, which is considered the cradle of the new circus, Johann Le Guillerm will come with the Terces project. Acrobat, manipulator, theater artist and the most famous representative of the new circus Le Guillerm will return to Prague several times. The Swedish Cirkus Cirkör is also returning to Letní Letná to present a new version of Knitting Peace.

The Czech stage will be the center of domestic new circus art. The program in the marquee will be opened by the premiere of the AirGym Art Company.

Especially for the festival, she prepared NonSen(s), a performance that draws the audience into dreams, fantasies and illusions, using elaborate aerial and ground acrobatics.

Illusions also help to create the novelty of the Pilsen Žongléros Ensámbl. A light show inspired by the principle of Camera Obscura leaves the audience wondering who is actually watching whom.

Among the founders of the new circus in the Czech Republic is the Losers Cirque Company, who will take the audience behind the scenes in the Grandiózní production.

The story about a disintegrating theater company that wants to prepare a spectacular show with a small budget and in an inadequate rehearsal room is said to be inspired by real events. All the aforementioned ensembles will also dust off their successful titles from previous years.

There will be six female soloists on this year’s Czech stage. Two can even be watched in one evening, both of them are connected by the theme of life changes and self-determination and they are Stav by Alžběta Tichá, who masters the vertical rope discipline, and Mass by Eva Stará, a graduate of non-verbal theater.

Lenka Švolíková also uses the vertical rope, whose movement is also influenced by dance and martial arts.

Other artists who will represent the domestic scene at Letní Letná are Eliška Brtnická, Klára Hajdinová and Thula Moon, who is from Hawaii, but her project Through The Truth was produced in the Czech Republic. In it, she excels in aerial disciplines and contortionism, i.e. as a “snake woman”, according to the organizers.

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