Letná Ice Rink to Stay Open Until February 24

Enjoy winter in Prague and go skating! Until the end of February 2019, you can use the ice skating rink in Letná for free!

Letná Ice Rink was visited by nearly 44,000 Praguers and 230 school groups in December. The public ice rink can be used by people up until 24 February for free. 

The ice rink in Letná is the largest in Prague and is already very popular this year. “Already 44,000 people visited it in the first month of the rink, which is an 11% increase compared to 2017. A great interest is also from school,” the council chief said. Compared to last winter, the ice rink was extended to open until February 24th, and thanks to the latest technology, it is possible to keep the ice rink up to 15° C above zero.

On the skating rink, there are multiple facilities and services such as rental of skates and their grinding, skate instructors, and a heated tent.

In Prague 6 (Vypich) you can also find a skiing track: the aim of the project is to promote cross-country skiing and lure the locals to exercise in the fresh air. Using the track will be free of charge. 

  • Admission is free of charge
  • Open from 9am-9pm daily
  • Skates can be rented for a fee

Author: Lilato Madiri

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