Kofokino Heads to Petřín. Movies Under the Stars Will be Screened Every Week

kofokino prague

Kofokino is heading to Petřín! As early as Thursday, July 15, the regular screening of popular films in the open-air begins directly at the most romantic place in Prague.

Visitors can refresh themselves with tapped Kofola for free, and the first hundred of them will enjoy the film in the comfort of a beach chair.

Kofokino is open to visitors every Thursday until the end of summer, each time with a different movie.

The screening will start at 7.30 pm with the easygoing summer film 3Bobule. Thanks to this timing, visitors will be able to reach the last connection of the cableway for the way down. Although many of them may prefer a romantic wander along the dark paths.

Summer cinemas with… Kofola! 

Apart from Petřín, Kofokino will head wherever people enjoy their free time; to popular pubs, campsites, and recreational areas.

Outdoor cinemas will be built in unique places, such as in Divoká Šárka in Prague, in the Beskydy Pustevny, a camp near the Seč reservoir in Eastern Bohemia, or the monastery premises in Rajhrad.

You can find the current list, including the program, here

kofokino prague


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