“King of the Sun” Exhibition at National Museum Extended

The “Kings of the Sun” exhibition, part of an international project documenting the greatest archaeological discoveries of Czech Egyptologists, will remain at the National Museum through September.

This exceptional exhibition, which has suffered repeated upsets to its schedule from the corona-virus pandemic, has had its end date pushed back by the organizers, thanks to the generosity of the lenders.

Do take the opportunity to visit, once the government anti-pandemic restrictions loosen and museums become accessible again.

Kings of the Sun

The uniqueness of this exhibition, indicated by its insurance cover of CZK 1 billion, is underlined by the fact that never before have so many major artifacts been loaned abroad from Egypt as for the Kings of the Sun exhibition.

The exhibition is unparalleled not only because of the previously unseen rare artifacts, never before exhibited in the world but also for its modern concept and design.

The utilization of multimedia technologies and impressive architecture will allow visitors to experience the distinctive atmosphere of Royal Abusir.

There are priceless exhibits here, from many of the world’s museums – be they the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, or from museums in Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Heidelberg, Hildesheim and Frankfurt am Main.

“Kings of the Sun” also includes objects acquired by our National Museum in recognition of Czechoslovakia’s role in the finds made in Abusir by the Charles University expedition.

For more information, visit: www.slunecnikralove.cz

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