June 8-9: Open Gardens Weekend

Open Gardens Weekend is an event where people have the opportunity to see usually inaccessible gardens, but also get to know their favorite parks in new ways.

The public has a chance to learn about the methods of experts in green issues in this context and thereby gain a new perspective on its role and significance in life. During the weekend of open gardens, a number of parks and gardens are organizing rich accompanying programs including guided tours, children’s activities, concerts, etc. 

Open Gardens Weekend is held every second weekend in June when rampant vegetation fully stand out. Visitors this weekend can enjoy the rebirth of spring in summer, not only in the Czech lands, but throughout Europe.

The program also takes place in the gardens of Prague Castle. The Palace gardens under Prague Castle are situated on the southern slope of Hradcany hill and are a connection between Prague Castle and Lesser Town. The complex includes five gardens – Ledeburská zahrada, Malá Pálffyovská zahrada, and Velká Pálffyovská zahrada, Kolowratská zahrada and Malá Fürstenberská zahrada. They were formed in the 18th century, their decoration was contributed by famous artists of the Czech Baroque period and Early classicism and a number of terraces, pavilions, orangeries and glorietas reminiscent of Italian Renaissance gardens.

Tours of the Chateau and Flower Gardens (Podzámecká zahrada and Květná zahrada) will be ready in Kroměříž, the castle in Libochovice and at Vrchotovy Janovice castle you will “get to know” the last Chatelaine Sidonie Nádherná of Borutín.

More information can be found on the event website

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