July 5-6: Prague Harley Days

This American legend is not only a motorcycle manufacturer but also the ambassador to a lifestyle. You can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Prague combined with the adrenalin and excitement of a Harley-Davidson rally, open to riders of all motorcycle brands.

The peak of the event is the Biker’s Parade through the city center. The program features shows, exhibitions, competitions, and music performances.

The event will be packed with vendors from leading Prague bars and it is a party in the style of worry-free riding. Whatever your idea of Harley-Davidson, if you ride on any other brand or you just like motorcycles, you’re welcome! 

The event includes exceptional motorcycle exposition where you’ll be able to see both antique and modern models of Harley-Davidson from 1923 – 2018. As part of the expo, there are motorcycle accessories and a video projection with the theme Harley-Davidson. You can admire more than 100 models of motorcycles. It belongs to one of the biggest expos of Harley-Davidson in Europe. Guided tours of the expo are also available for those interested!

Admission fee: 

  •  Pre-sale CZK 500 
  • Admission fee for visitors over 70 years old, pregnant women, disabled

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