Join the Prague Morning Telegram Channel for Your Must-Read Coronavirus Coverage

Would you like some of our coverage with information on the coronavirus for free each day? We’ll send you a maximum of three stories every weekday.

I already have a Telegram. How do I join your channel?

Join the Prague Morning channel here

I don’t use Telegram. What do I need to do?

1. Click this link on your phone to create a new account.

2. Search for “Prague Morning“ or join the channel here

You need to download the app to your phone, and then follow the instructions. There are versions for all the main systems – iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Can I stop the service?

Yes, tap the “info” icon on top of your channel screen and click on “delete and exit”.

What about my phone number?

Telegram does not allow Prague Morning access to users’ phone numbers — only names. Prague Morning maintains the highest standards of data protection and we will only use this information for the purposes of administering the Telegram channel. Please also refer to our terms and conditions.

Will I have to pay anything, or will you send marketing messages?

No. We might send in the channel an extra message if we set up a separate Telegram channel about a specific topic, in case you want to join that channel too, but we won’t use the details you provide here to send messages about other Prague Morning products or offers.

Support Prague Morning.

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Our dedicated team supports the local community, foreign residents and visitors through our website, social media and newsletter.

We appreciate that not everyone can afford to pay for our services but if you are able to, we ask you to support Prague Morning by making a contribution – no matter how small! .

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