January 20-26: Festival of Japanese Film in Prague

The 13th edition of the Eigasai Festival brings a selection of films from The Japan Foundation in which leading characters endure ill fate.

The festival will kick off one-year-long of cultural events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czech-Japanese relations.

All films will be presented in Japanese with Czech and English subtitles.

The festival opens with It’s a Beautiful Life, an excellent probe into the life of a small-town community living in a distant mountain area in the Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku. Directed by Osamu Minorikawa.

Also screening during the festival will be Dear Etranger by Kiyoshi Shigematsu, Three Stories of Love by Ryōsuke Hashiguchi and Věra 68 by Olga Sommerová.

This year’s closing film is Oshin, from director Okita Shuichi. It is a film remake of a Japanese TV series of the same name that was based on an original script by Sugako Hahashida and broadcast on NHK from 1983 to 1984. It was massively successful in Japan as well as all over Asia and South America. Directed by Shin Togashi, the film Oshin is set in 1907 and depicts the childhood of the heroine, rural girl Oshin (Kokone Hamada).

Tickets to films at this year’s Eiga Sai festival run a mere 100 CZK apiece and can be purchased at the cinema box office or online through Kino Lucerna’s official website. Festival passes to all screenings can be purchased for 400 CZK.

More information about this year’s Eigasai festival can be found at the official festival website and Facebook page.

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