The New “Interactive Map” by Czech Ministry of Health

On Friday, the Czech Ministry of Health published a new “traffic light map”, detailing countries that Czech residents can safely travel to and from without needing to undergo a COVID test or 14 days of quarantine.

According to Minister of Health Adam Vojtech, “green countries” are the safest ones, “orange countries” have an average risk of infection, and red countries a high risk of infection.

Portugal and Sweden have been put in the riskiest red category, meaning Czechs returning from trips there and citizens of those countries need to have a test.

Polish Silesian district is also in the “red list”, and negative tests will be mandatory even after 15 June.

The government placed Belgium and the UK in its orange tier, allowing Czechs to travel to those countries without restrictions. However, those countries’ citizens will need to present a COVID-19 test.



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