Interact Live With Recruiters and Land Your Next Job at the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair

Attending a virtual job fair will give you an edge in landing your next job. With natural real-time interactions between recruitment managers and job seekers, the virtual job fairs offer a highly effective tool for your career progress. If you prepare well, you will have a real advantage over other candidates.

Anyone currently looking for a new job opportunity should turn their attention to the emerging phenomenon of virtual job fairs.

The successful series of Jobspin Multilingual Job Fairs familiar to many expats in Prague and Brno is moving online this autumn. From Wednesday, November 25th, talented individuals with global minds can walk through the virtual doors of the Jobspin Virtual Job Fair Czech Republic.

Candidates will be able to meet some of the largest internationally-minded employers in the Czech Republic, including Amazon, AB InBev, Novartis, GEP Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson and Honeywell. The event is tailored for English speakers currently looking for new career paths in the Czech Republic and across Europe. Jobspin Job Fair offers a highly interactive environment where candidates and their potential employers can chat, exchange details and make 1-1 video calls. The event offers an ideal pre-screening tool in the recruitment process. 

During the three-day event, each company will hold several live video-sessions, where job seekers can ask any questions they have for their future managers and potential colleagues. Exciting networking sessions and useful workshops and seminars, all free to access, form an integral part of the job fair program.

One of the main advantages of virtual job fairs is the broader scale of interactions between job seekers and companies. At physical events, employers can meet only a limited number of candidates and will never see the resumes of those who simply decided to go to a different employer’s booth with a shorter queue. At virtual events, job seekers can browse the profiles of all the participating companies and send their resumes with just a few clicks.

So how does it work? Those who submit their registration will receive an invitation email with a link to the event and access code shortly before the event. Candidates can create a profile with basic details and a photograph and enter the event anytime from November 25th to December 5th.

For the first three days of the event (Nov 25-27), they will have the chance to interact with employers every day from 10am-4:30pm. In the following days, candidates can browse employer profiles and continue submitting their resumes. 

“I would recommend preparing several versions of your resume before the event starts. Each version of your resume should fit to the position you would like to apply for, with corresponding previous work experience and interests highlighted. We have good experience with .pdf formats, as they give you the certainty that the text and images will stay where you placed them when a recruiter opens your resume,” said Katerina Casadei of Jobspin. 

Virtual job fairs keep bringing candidates and employers together and help overcome any virus fears. Take this opportunity and experience virtual job seeking. Registration for the event is free and takes just a few minutes at the Jobspin website.


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