Important: Amendments to the Law on the Stay of Foreigners in the Czech Republic

On July 16, 2021, the Czech President signed a law to amend the law on the insurance of foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

Certain groups of foreigners with long-term residency in the Czech Republic do not have access to the public health insurance system and have to be insured by private insurance companies.

The current amendments establish that this private insurance will, for the next five years, be provided only by the commercial subsidiary of the private health insurance company pVZP.

After this five-year period, foreigners would be able to choose among different private insurance again.

Will insurance become more expensive?

pVZP has already informed partners that there are no plans for a price increase in the near future. At the moment, the cost of pVZP annual insurance ranges from 12,800 CZK up to 15,900 CZK for annual insurance.

Can you save money?

You can buy insurance cheaper (for example, for 6000, – Kč / year – comprehensive insurance Maxima) for several years in advance. This will save you thousands of crowns on future contracts.

We recommend that you take out insurance before the law comes into force  with a reliable partner of Prague Morning – Red Panda®

I bought insurance (Maxima, Uniqa, etc.) three years in advance.  Will the Ministry of Internal Affairs accept my insurance after  02/08/2021?

On July 23, the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially confirmed that all insurances issued before 02/08/2021 will be accepted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for long-term visa applications and visa extensions.

This means that if you purchased insurance from Maxima for 5 years in advance, it will still be accepted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the consulate for extending and obtaining a visa, as well contractual hospitals, clinics for all 5 years until your insurance expires.

Is it possible to pay VZP monthly as citizens of the Czech Republic?

Unfortunately, no. According to the law, this is only possible for a  limited number of foreigners, for example, for those with permanent residence or officially employed foreigners.

Students, entrepreneurs, and etc. will be required to pay the full cost  (from 12,800 CZK) at a time.


The changes are rather positive, as pVZP has already announced plans to improve its services and medical coverage for its customers.

Having said that, foreigners for whom the lower price is important should hurry up with the registration of insurance at the promotional price until August 2.


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