Hundreds of Restaurants Will Not Comply With the Government-Imposed Measures

Approximately 400 restaurants will not comply with the government-imposed measures requiring them to check guests’ vaccine or certificates, representatives of the Chcípl PES initiative said on Monday.

The owner of Šeberák restaurant and the chairman of Chcípl PES, Jakub Olbert, claims that the government regulation is illegal and is organizing a demonstration on Prague’s Old Town Square at 3 pm on November 17.

“Our employees do not have the right to inform about the health of our guests, they would be in violation of the law, so last week we reported to the Prague Hygiene that we will not comply with government regulations and asked the Czech Trade Inspection Authority for support,” said vice-chairman of Chcípl PES Jiří Janeček.

On October 20, the Czech government approved several new measures to tame a steep rise in coronavirus infections, which have reached levels unseen since late April.

As of November 1, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other indoor places need to check whether the patrons have the required COVID-19 certificate confirming they have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from the virus.

The government also decided to limit the time for which negative tests are valid.

The national health insurance also will not cover the costs of coronavirus tests now for non-medical purposes such as traveling or visiting restaurants, in an effort to prod more people to get vaccinated.


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