Hundreds of People Queue for Opening of New Mall Offering Discounts. It Was Closed

A curious situation occurred on Thursday in Choceň in the Pardubice Region. In the morning, a new shopping center was supposed to open after a marketing campaign saw hostesses handing out invitations in the park.

In the end, however, it turned out that the opening was not approved by the City Hall and it was not going ahead.

Due to the lack of approval, the supermarket and several shops selling clothes, toys and electricity did not open.

The information that no customer would be able to buy anything from the mall on Thursday was not published until the evening before the planned opening.

The entrance to the shopping park was blocked by wooden pallets with a short inscription: “For technical reasons, the retail park is closed. We apologize to all our customers. ”

Bystanders also report that two hostesses stood at the entrance explaining that the center was closed.

They had been on site since six in the morning, and the stores were meant to open at seven. According to one of the hostesses, they had to explain the situation to hundreds of people. Many of them were – understandably – disappointed, others angry.

This strange story will remind Czech people of a similar hoax in 2007 when two film students ordered a leading advertising company to coordinate a promotional campaign for a nonexistent product: a hypermarket.

They filmed a comedy documentary poking fun at the marketing hype.

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